Insider’s Delight: 5 Fun Facts About NUS

  1. Unveiling NUS Mascots
    LiNUS, the Fierce and Peaceful Mascot: NUS proudly boasts its very own mascot, LiNUS. This captivating creature combines the flowing stylized mane of the Singapore Merlion, symbolizing the nation’s heritage, with sable claws representing strength. LiNUS’s protruded tongue in gules signifies ferocity, while its stance against a white background represents preparedness for action contrasted against peace.

    SoCCat, the Adorable Computing Mascot: NUS Computing has a delightful mascot named SoCCat (‘socket’). SoCCat is a friendly feline who often makes appearances at special events like Computing Day. This adorable character even has a USB tail, which represents its connection to the world of technology.

  2. The Enigmatic Design of NUS Kent Ridge Campus
    Did you know that the NUS Campus holds a secret purpose within its design? Rumors circulate that the placement of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) on a hilly part of Kent Ridge, along with the presence of narrow roads, serves a particular agenda—to discourage mass gatherings or political demonstrations by university students. In a departure from the spacious grass fields or the lively courtyards of the old University of Singapore at Bukit Timah, the Kent Ridge Campus appears to challenge the notion of student gatherings.

  3. Uncovering the Secret Trail
    Situated within the FASS building, The Deck (my favourite place for mala and pasta) is an incredibly popular spot on campus. However, reaching the dining spot could be arduous as you would have to climb several flights of stairs to get there. Fortunately, there is a secret path to ease your journey! If you’re going from AS3, skip the stairs and take a shortcut by walking down the carpark and catching the lift at AS5 to the 4th floor. A pleasant surprise awaits as you pass through the air-conditioned psychology labs, leading you directly to The Deck’s other exit.
  4. Preserving Legacy through the Happy Owl
    I stumbled upon the Happy Owl statue while exploring the campus and was intrigued by the inspiring story of Professor Arthur Lim. Professor Arthur was not only an esteemed ophthalmologist who helped set up the National Eye Center in Singapore, but also a passionate artist and patron of the arts. The bronze statue of a Happy Owl stands at NUS in memorial of Arthur Lim. The owl statue serves as a representation of his legacy and contributions to NUS.

  5. Discovering NUS’s Hidden Telegram Networks
    Aside from the course-specific Telegram chats for tutorial discussions which can be found here, here are some useful Telegram channels I wish I knew before joining!
    a) NUSlostandfound
    If you’re someone who is forgetful or careless, make sure you’re subscribed to this channel! The NUS community often post misplaced items that they’ve found here so you’ll have a higher chance of finding your misplaced precious belongings.
    b) NUSfoodies
    If you are a foodie, this channel is a must-have! Subscribe now to view the latest retail & dining promotions and new store openings you can’t miss in NUS.
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