Embarking on an Academic Odyssey: My Student Exchange at NUS


Hey there, fellow SUTDents! Get ready for an exciting adventure as I take you on a memorable journey through my student exchange experience at the prestigious National University of Singapore (NUS). In this blog post, I will share my experiences and offer valuable insights to help you make the most of your own NUS student exchange adventure.

1) Preparation and Academic Exploration
Before delving into the exciting events and invaluable experiences, let’s begin with the essential aspect of exchange preparation. To kickstart my exchange journey, I made use of valuable resources provided by both NUS and my home university, SUTD.

The SUSEP information slide deck prepared by SUTD and the comprehensive pre-exchange handbook served as my go-to guides, offering detailed insights into the next steps and what to expect throughout the application process. As a student pursuing a specialization and two minors in SUTD, mapping specific courses from my host university was crucial.

SUSEP Spring 2023 Resources

NUSMODS, the platform showcasing available courses, prerequisites, and restrictions, helped me plan my academic journey meticulously.

NUSMODSThe guidance provided in the handbook and email communications from NUS ensured a seamless transition into the new environment, with essential pre and post-exchange deliverables clearly outlined.

As I embarked on my NUS journey, I also researched the extracurricular activities available, ensuring that my selection aligned with my hobbies and interests. My tip for future participants is to embrace a balance between challenging yourself academically and exploring diverse social opportunities. This delicate balance will create a well-rounded exchange experience.

NUS OSA Student Organisations Directory
2) Cracking the Code of NUS Culture
Before immersing myself in the rich academic tapestry of NUS, I quickly discovered that understanding the NUS culture was paramount. From deciphering the campus lingo (”mugger”, “h.a.n.d” – have a nice day) to embracing the dynamic multicultural environment, I delved into the vibrant student communities and forged connections that would shape my NUS experience. Remember, it’s not just about packing textbooks but also an open mind ready to absorb the distinct NUS atmosphere.

3) Navigating the Sprawling Campus
Navigating the vast NUS campus posed a significant challenge at the start of my exchange. However, the warmth and helpfulness of fellow students and passersby quickly dissolved my initial apprehensions. Strangers turned into friendly guides, offering assistance and teaching me how to navigate the campus using the NUSMODS campus map. Their kindness and willingness to help made me feel part of the NUS community from the very beginning.

4) Unleashing the Academic Marvels
I took a range of courses offered by the Faculty of Science (Data Science and Analytics) and the School of Computing. From simulation to mind-bending algorithms, the courses I took at NUS opened my eyes to the fascinating world of statistics, stochastic processes, and data structures. Throughout the term, I had the opportunity to model and analyze complex systems using computer simulations, implement data structures and algorithms to solve problems, sharpen my programming skills, apply game theory principles for strategic decision-making and conduct stochastic analysis. Apart from that, I also took a social science course titled “Making Sense of Society”, which explored the intricate dynamics of society, culture, and history. The course fostered a deeper appreciation for the complexities of society and equipped me with valuable knowledge to navigate the world around me.

Faculty of Science




School of Computing






During my exchange, Professor Alan Cheng stood out as a remarkable educator in the realm of Data Structures and Algorithms. His profound knowledge and captivating teaching style brought even the most complex topics to life. I was particularly inspired by his projects specializing in computational geometry, showcasing the practical applications of data structures and algorithms in diverse fields like game development, system analysis, scheduling, and network analysis. It was a testament to the limitless possibilities of this fascinating domain.

5) Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance
I actively participated in recreational activities and pursued hobbies outside of my academic commitments. I also joined the VivalatiNUS Latin Dance Club, which became my source of recreation throughout the semester. Engaging in these dance sessions not only provided a refreshing break from academic responsibilities but also helped me destress and lighten my load. These extracurricular engagements allowed me to connect with NUS students and explore new interests. Balancing academics with social interactions not only enriched my experience but also nurtured personal growth and holistic development.

As I reflect on my academic odyssey at the National University of Singapore, I am filled with gratitude and awe for the transformative experience it has been. Beyond the captivating courses and intellectual marvels, my exchange journey was about so much more. It was about immersing myself in a vibrant culture, embracing new perspectives, and forging lifelong connections.

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