One of the nice things about being at being SMU has to do with its location (at least relative to SUTD anyway) – SMU being located in the central area of Singapore, whereas with SUTD being located in the middle of nowhere, there are plenty of places to get food from, though cost can be an issue. 

First thing to get out of the way though for future prospective SMU SUSEP people: Many of the food courts and establishments in the SMU area provide a 10% SMU student discount, which you can prove by showing them your student card (though a lot of time they won’t bother to check either), which is very nice.

Curry chicken rice below the Li Ka Shing Library – would recommend

To be honest, the majority of the time I mostly just go to the koufu in the underground area connecting all the SMU schools. The western, ban mian and japanese stalls have good substitutes for SUTD’s food court, and the taiwan stall has cheap pork belly rice at $3 as well. I wouldn’t recommend the mixed rice there, or anywhere near SMU really because it’s always been pretty expensive and the portions were underwhelming when I ordered. 

Half spring chicken and fries from the SMU koufu

I think this was almost $8 – definitely would not recommend

Near the koufu there’s also a pick and go, but unlike ours there’s a bubble tea shop inside as well:

Tbh I don’t usually ever get bubble tea – too many empty carbs

Beyond that there’s a Starbucks, pizza place and an anime-themed cafe in the underground area (I ordered a donburi bowl from there once – it was kinda meh), and also another food court in the lazada building across from SCIS 1 (school of computing). Student discounts don’t work there but you can get a membership card at a kiosk in the middle of the food court(it’s free iirc) and top it up, and as long as you use the card to pay at the stalls there you can get a discount as well.

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