A Kaleidoscope of Unique Experiences at NUS


Hi friends! In this blog, I will unravel the vibrant tapestry of my student exchange experience at the esteemed National University of Singapore (NUS). From the interactive workshops to the flavourful local delights, my NUS journey was an enriching blend of academic excellence, inspiring guest speakers, cultural immersion, and mouth-watering gastronomic delights. Let’s dive deeper into the intricate threads that made my NUS experience truly exceptional.

1) A Journey into the World of AI-Language Models
During my exchange, I participated in an interactive workshop titled “Exploring ChatGPT”, which wasorganised by NUS Hackers Club. The workshop was led by computer science seniors and delved into the capabilities of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model. Through hands-onactivities, we gained valuable insights into utilizing ChatGPT for proofreading, translation, editing, Telegram bot development, and more. It was an eye-opening experience that showcased the transformative power of AI.

Learning resources: Exploring ChatGPT  Google Collab Notebook

2) Unveiling Financial Sustainability with Ernst & Young
The Management Consulting Club organized an insightful sharing session featuring Wolfram Hedrich, a partner at Ernst & Young Advisory. Mr Hedrich delved into the domain of financial services consulting and emphasized the importance of financial sustainability. He highlighted the application of machine learning techniques and useful tools, such as SPSS, SAS, R, Python, and Excel, in the consulting context. The session shed light on the potential of AI and blockchain technology to revolutionize business operations and track transactions securely. It was an invaluable opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of financial services.

3) NUS-Specific Clubs and Networks
During my NUS journey, I actively engaged with various NUS-specific clubs through telegram channels, including NUS Hackers, NUS MCC Channel, and NUS Women in Business. These clubs provided platforms for networking, knowledge sharing, and learning from the experiences of fellow students as well as industry professionals. Participating in their sessions and events broadened my horizons and fostered meaningful connections within the vibrant NUS community.

4) Culinary Adventures on Campus
Beyond the academic realm, the diverse culinary offerings within NUS added a delightful flavor to my exchange experience. From savoring Ayam Penyet, Chinese Zi Char, Chicken Rice, Mala Xiang Guo, Pan Mee, Pasta, Chicken Cube Fried Rice, to Wanton Noodles, the campus boasted an incredible range of mouth-watering delights. Each dish showcased Singapore’s multicultural essence, and the long queues were a testament to their popularity. Exploring these culinary gems was a true gastronomic adventure within the heart of NUS.

NUS Science Canteen (Frontier)






The Deck

My NUS student exchange experience was an extraordinary chapter filled with personal growth, cultural immersion, and academic exploration. Embracing the diversity within NUS and being open to new experiences and connections undoubtedly shaped my unique and memorable journey.

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