Brainstorming, Business and Ball-Pits in Berlin

Through the TU Berlin VIEW Programme, eight of us took off for eight weeks to experience an international education beyond just technical knowledge, diving into innovation, entrepreneurship, human-centred design, business and leadership, all while soaking in the rich culture of Europe’s “Cheap but Sexy” start-up capital, Berlin.

CuriousU Summer School (UTwente, Netherlands)

Hey, I'm Yustynn, a Junior in ESD. Last week I got to attend an amazing program in the University of Twente (Enschede, Netherlands). It's pretty crazy - you spend ten days in a tent...

CDIO International Summer Camp

18th July - Day 1 Today marked the start of the CDIO summer camp, having traveled Taiwan alone for the past few days, I was excited to meet new friends and people. After a long...