SUTD Visual Research – Urban Floods

Find out more about the research, as well as Associate Professor Stefano Galelli’s other works at

Novel Hybrid Resins in Soft Robotics

Find out how this breakthrough was achieved in the paper ‘Silicone/epoxy hybrid resins with tunable mechanical and interfacial properties for additive manufacture of soft robots’: Find out more about the Professor:

SUTD Visual Research – Testing Group Fairness via Optimal Transport Projections

To find out more about Assistant Professor Karthyek Murthy and his research, visit

SUTD Visual Research – Recognising Emotions in Conversations with DialogueGCN

Read more on the paper: DialogueGCN: A Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation at: Doctor Soujanya Poria is an assistant professor of Computer Science at SUTD and a senior member at the DeCLaRe...

SUTD Visual Research – Nature Inspired Aerial Crafts

Read more about nature inspired aerial crafts from these links: Design, Modelling and Control of Collaborative Samara Autorotating Wings (SAW) An Agile Samara-Inspired Single-Actuator Aerial Robot Capable of Autorotation and Diving Joint Mechanical Design and Flight Control...

SUTD Visual Research – BrakTooth: Vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Devices

The attack code has been made public since 1 Nov, 2021. Any Bluetooth SoC and module vendors can access the code to evaluate the security of their devices at: Deep dive into 'BrakTooth: Causing Havoc on...