For the people here is Hangzhou, we’re really starting to feel the heat of summer this week! The daily average temperature has increased significantly since we came in May, with the average temperatures in the day at 38 degrees Celsius this week and a peak of 41 degrees. As a result, I resorted to hiding in the comforts of my air conditioned room for almost the entire week, avoiding having to go out into the almost unbearable heat (while working on my theme project of course)!

Over the weekend, I finally motivated myself to travel out of school and I went to see the Grand Canal and some museums next to it.

Grand Canal

The scenery was great but it was really too hot to stay long and appreciate it. Honestly speaking, the Grand Canal did not look as “grand” as I would have imagined when I first saw it there, but probably because I did not fully understand the historical significance behind it. The Grand Canal is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the longest artificial river in the world, starting from Beijing all the way to Hangzhou!

Next were the museums beside the Grand Canal. They were the sword, knife, scissors, fan and umbrella museums, with these 5 exhibits each showcasing only that particular item. Generally, they showed how of each of these items had evolved throughout the history of China. The exhibitions are very well decorated and the exhibits are plentiful, definitely worth a visit! On a side note, the museums have  air condition(important!) and free entry.

Fan Museum
Umbrella Museum
Sword Museum
Scissors Museum
Knife Museum
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