Paper Iron Man, Close enough

Week 3 was all about getting the Origami Robot out. Tiring as it is, we had to travel to another campus of ZJU (they have enough campuses to house all our universities I think) called Yuquan Campus to use their laser cutters and other free equipment. Then again, transportation was covered, beggars can’t be choosers~

Hushu Special School Round 

Back to Hushu for their Children’s day! I think….I thought Children’s day was 1st August. Anyway, we had to take care of a station each and facilitate the games. Of course the hardest challenge of all was trying to explain the rules and conversing with the children who could speak better Chinese than me. I cannot China. Halp.

So the game was to cross an area filled with red strings with bells attached on it. Simple yet fun.

ZJU Biochemist helping me with Chinese. Nothing beats knowing the locals, trust me, the local students are super duper nice. The honor is mine.

And that is the end of hectic Week 3, so far so fun.

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