At the end of our GLP sessions, we had an extra week free before our flight back to Singapore, so we decided to take a road trip down to LA. On our road trip, we explored many different places, but one of our most memorable trips was to Red Rock Canyon next to Las Vegas!

We rented cars from Hertz for the one-way road trip down to LA. The weather in the Mojave deserts in the eastern parts of California is way hotter than the cool, windy coasts of San Francisco, especially during the summer. Temperatures usually range from 30-34 degrees celsius during the day, so bring sunscreen and plenty of water for the trip, especially if you plan on hiking! For us, we wanted to take it easy with a scenic drive instead so we would not have to endure too much heat.

After reaching Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, we headed to the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Centre to grab a map of the canyon, as well as souvenirs from the gift shop and a beautiful panorama view of the canyon.

After that, we drove along the Red Rock Canyon scenic drive. At 13 miles, it would take about 1 hour of driving to complete the course, but we easily took more than 3 hours to complete the entire drive. We took it free and easy and took our time exploring some of the trails located along the drive. 

Some of the more notable trails we explored include Sandstone Quarry where we could climb up the Calico rocks to get a better view of the entire canyon. 

Another notable trail was the pine creek canyon which features a 2.4 mile trail to a beautiful view. 

After the scenic drive, we were famished and headed to Yama Sushi, a delightful yet affordable sushi restaurant in Las Vegas for dinner. I would highly recommend trying this place if you’re stopping by Las Vegas!



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