The past 6 weeks in Hangzhou was great, we were able to explore, exercise and have fun, all in this great temperate climate. The weather in Spring was lovely, being cooler and less humid than sunny Singapore, walking around felt like there was air-con everywhere. At times we would just leave our windows open at night and enjoy the ambient air as we sleep. Although it was already quite late in the year for Summer to start, the season of Spring is finally ending.

This week, even though it is just the start of summer, we can really feel the difference in the temperature. The sun is shining strong and bright, and the wind blows warm air towards us. Even though I’ve already been through National Service not too long ago, wearing the thick uniform in the hot Pulau Tekong forest, this weather down here… Is a real killer…

Talking to some of the local students, the worse is yet to come. They said July would be unbearable and August even worse. With the weather forecast showing that it will most likely rain the entire July, I’ve got to prepare my raincoat for it is going to be a sauna here. I’m guessing I’ll be hiding indoors a lot this coming month. Furthermore, both the temperature and humidity are way higher than Singapore… Never would I have wondered that I’d rather head back home for a few days to cool from the heat and to visit my friends and family.

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