Week 5-6 // making pen holder

We made a pen holder using plaster before we jumped right into our project. It was pretty interesting as most of us have not made anything out of plaster before.

Made a mess in our work space

Week 7 // site visit and excursions

We were split into four small groups with 3-4 people each and are tasked to work on a park (崇贤卧龙浜公园) in a developing area in Hangzhou. We could choose to work on designing a tea house or a public toilet in the park.

Due to some mistakes in booking, our excursion on a Friday was delayed so some of us decided to head to a town that has..

an Eiffel tower!

There’s a nearby park/garden called 天都公园 that has very nice architecture inside.

We went to a tea village (龙井村), temples (天竺香市 and 灵隐寺(飞来峰)) on our first excursion.

On our second trip, we went to 河坊街 and 南宋御街. Some of us went to visit 胡雪岩故居 where a rich merchant used to live.

That’s basically the start of our archi life.
Stay tuned!

by xingling

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