GEXP to IE University in 10 Photos I: All About Architecture!


Hi! I came back from my exchange to IE University in Spain not long ago and I am still reminiscing all the memories I made with the culture, the cities and the people. I am a big photo taker so it is only appropriate that I show you my experiences via photos. This first post will be about my experience being an Architecture student in Spain. Enjoy!

1: La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain by Gaudi. I mean, DUH?? I was very fascinated by the craftmanship and the intricacy of the facade. It was so complicated yet there is a logical system behind the placement.

2: The Crystal Palace in Madrid, Spain. There was an ongoing art display which resembled bare concrete facade. It was interesting to see how the light shining in through the glass roof, the classical features of the Palace as well as the rustic vibes of the display collide and interact with each other.

3: Looking out from Mirador de la Canaleja in Segovia, Spain. This is the town of my campus and this specific spot is also the site of my studio project. You can tell from this photo that the buildings in Segovia do not have much stereotypical European Classical elements to them. However, this actually compliments the natural views of Segovia during sunset and sunrise.

4: A photo from the lower side of Mirador de la Canaleja. This photo shows clearly the drastic height changes in Segovia’s topography and the narrowness in the city center of Segovia.

5: My classmates and I during a site visit during our construction module. Modules in IE are more traditional and they teach you a lot about construction elements and processes. As much as I value creativity and innovation in Architecture, it was good to take a step back and look at the basics to Architecture.

6: My team and our 1:5 model of the selected case study during the 25% studio review. It is a wood-focused studio and the objective is for us to understand the encounter between the different parts. It was a simple case study but the process of building a 3m by 1.5m model was way more difficult than expected.

7: The 1:100 model of the case study. A model at this scale is much more manageable and cuter.

8: A photo of the 1:6 model of our adaptation of the case study into our site in Segovia. We kept the base configuration and usage of tarps from the case study, and decided that we want to create a new view in Segovia, a city full of spots to look at view.

9: A photo of the 1:200 model of our adaptation of the case study into our site in Segovia. The usage of tarps became vital to our design as it serves as screens for light shows and any possible art installation at night. We want to introduce new functions to the beautiful spots in Segovia.

10: A sight into our studio during the final review. SUTD has much more space and facilities for us to work productively. I really missed my table and chair in SUTD studios when I was squeezing in the tight space in IE. The people definitely made everything fun and worth the pain. I LOVE MY CLASSMATES <3!!!

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