Some of the interesting parts of the classes there:

For one of the modules, Interior 3 – History of Theatre, the professor is so passionate about what she teaches and about theatre and spaces such performances can occur in or how the spaces influence the performance and the audiences’ experience of the piece. 

She even brought us to see backstage of The State Opera, which was really interesting.

Some of the classes are graded in a very different way. For one, we were told at the end of term that the projects we do during the term do not count to the final grade, that our grade on the quiz at the end would be our grade and that we need to submit the projects so that the professor would put our grade onto the system. 


Studio was quite a different experience in CTU Prague as we were mixed with Czech students as compared to the other modules, which were just exchange students. (This is because Czech students take all their classes in Czech language.) 


The most memorable part for me was our Kruh retreat, where we stayed in a cottage owned by the faculty in a small town a few hours from Prague. We had a campfire, went mushroom picking, walked through the forests and explored the area, and of course, presented our site analysis and initial concept ideas. We had local food prepared by the homeowner/home keeper living there and taking care of the house. 


Because of the huge beer culture in Prague, the professors often organise meetings in the pub after certain milestones, such as presentations, to celebrate and relax.

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