During my exchange in Hanyang University, I managed to participate in various uniquely Korean experiences.

One of the most unique experiences Korea offers is the jjimjilbang (Korean traditional sauna). It is a place where you can relax and enjoy various wellness facilities such as baths, massage chairs, sleeping rooms and of course the highlight, a charcoal sauna that goes up to 80 degrees. Usually, you would take a bath and then relax in the heated room and then come out to get some ramen, charcoal eggs and a cup of cool sikhye (rice punch). The wooden interior of the jjimjilbang also aids in the ambience and with the many facilities makes for a highly pleasant and comfortable experience.

Jjimjilbang interior
Charcoal sauna
Eggs and Sikhye (Rice Punch)

Another unique experience in Korea is the coin noraebang (karaoke). Unlike karaokes in Singapore, you do not book a room and pay upfront at the counter for a fixed duration but rather, go into any of the free booths and pay for a number of songs you want to sing. Usually, the prices are 1000 KRW for 2 songs, 5000 KRW for 12 songs and 10000 KRW for 26 songs, which is much cheaper than in Singapore! You will also be given a score for every song that you sing and it feels rewarding to receive a high score. It is also easy to change the tempo and the key of songs which allows for a more customisable and fun experience.

Coin noraebang in Korea

I was also able to enjoy world-class dance classes by famous dancers who have made choreographies for K-Pop artists. At the reputable 1 Million Dance Studio, they offer dance classes at various difficulty levels such that anyone can go and dance if they want to. I really enjoyed the choreographies I had learnt and the classes are memories that I will never forget.

With Lia Kim, co-founder of 1 Million Dance Studio

I believe that these unique experiences can be enjoyed by anyone, solo or in a group, so I would recommend anyone going to South Korea to give them a shot!

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