So you had just arrived at Chalmers University and it’s your first day of Orientation and you aren’t sure what to expect? Let me bring you through my first day when I first got into the University.

Orientation Day: Unlike the other orientations that you would have probably gone through at least once, I guarantee you it hits differently when you experience the Swedish culture at Chalmers University. Arriving at the lecture hall, I was first greeted by the presenters who shared with us administrative matters which the students were supposed to follow as an exchange students in the host university. After the briefing, we were brought outside to experience “Fika”, also known as tea time breaks which is a norm for Swedish citizens to have in between work and lessons. If you aren’t a social butterfly like me, fret not, as this is the best time to make new friends from different parts of the world. This is the chance to break out of our shells and mixed around with other fellow international students. This “Fika” also offers a free cinnamon bun and tea/coffee for students to enjoy!

Navigating around the school: Having some trouble navigating around the school for your first lesson? Download “Campus Maps” from your Google or apple play store. This app provides you with all the necessary information to get to your lesson destination, all you need to do is type in your “Room number” found in your timetable and you are set to go!

Food: Head down to the Student Union building and you can find yourself with multiple food options to choose from. But my “go-to” food places will be the school canteen and Express. The prices range from 70sek in the school canteen and 50sek for Express. The menu is ever-changing so keep a lookout for the daily selection of food choices. Besides these two places, there are also many food options around the school campus so do feel free to check them out too. Perhaps you will chance upon some hidden gems?

Alright, that’s it for this post, so do keep a look out for my other blog posts for more tips when staying in Gothenburg and also what attractions to visit during your time here.



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