Nuuksio National Park Autumnal Landscape


The first week of September is when autumn begins in Southern Finland. Temperature starts to become cooler and the distinct yellow and red colours of autumn foliage could be seen. To truly enjoy autumn in Finland, a visit to one of their many national parks is a must. My friends and I visited Nuuksio National Park which was located in Espoo.

Autumn Foliage in Nuuksio National Park
The view that greeted us as we entered the national park

In finland, it was common to see BBQ pits stationed near body of water. The Finnish people would usually chop their own wood and spend their day at the designated BBQ pits while enjoying the magnificent view present in front of them. To have some fun ourselves, we skipped rocks on lakes too and competed among ourselves to see who had the most amount of skips in a single rock throw.

BBQ Pit in Nuuksio National Park
On of the many BBQ pit in Nuuksio national park
Lake in Nuuksio National Park
One of the many lakes in Nuuksio National Park
Rock Skipping in Nuuksio National Park
Michael’s attempt at rock skipping


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