About Ulleungdo

Just 120 km east of the Korea Peninsula lies the beautiful island of Ulleungdo, the less known little sister of Jeju island. Being a volcanic island, Ulleungdo has lots of stunning geological scenes of mountain ridges and cliffs. I was amazed at the natural beauty of the island the moment I set foot on it. Tourism is one of the main economic activity and it caters largely to Koreans. They usually travel in tour groups so if you travel on your own, you can easily avoid the crowd. Ulleungdo is one of the rare places that are beautiful and not packed with lots of tourists. I would definitely recommend anyone to visit Ulleungdo during their exchange.

Getting to Ulleungdo

To get to Ulleungdo, I took an intercity bus from Dongseo Bus terminal in Seoul to the town of Gangneung followed by a 3 hour ferry ride early in the morning the next day. The intercity buses ran regularly at half-hour intervals everyday so there’s no need to book the tickets in advance. The ride is

As for the ferry, there is only one or two trips a day. The availability of the ferry is also dependent on the weather. There will be no ferry service at all when the weather is bad. Therefore, Make sure the weather is good when you are there. You may get stuck at Gangneung or stranded on Ulleungdo until the weather clears. You can check the availability of the ferry on their website.

Getting to this far-flung island may be a bit of a hassle but it’s definitely worth it. The scenery is majestic and every picture is like it’s from a postcard. Ulleungdo is steadily improving their infrastructure to support more tourism activities. Thus now is the best time to visit this beautiful island that is not tainted by overtourism.


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