There was supposedly a typhoon that week but I happened to be away from the country  for the weekend so I did not get to experience it in person. Nevertheless, the damage to trees and also the many fallen trees around just gives you a rough feel on the scale of Typhoon Mangkhut! Just from looking at the trees, you can tell that whatever happened on that weekend, was pretty insane.

Fallen Tree in HKUST
More fallen trees
They are not supposed to be slanted!

During that weekend , my room mate also sent me a photo of our room’s condition! Our room was flooded with water even though we stayed on the second floor! Apparently the water leaked in from the windows that weren’t entirely capable of preventing water from coming in.

Water came in the room!

Near to HKUST, at Hang Hau MTR Station, which you will probably pass through before coming to HKUST. There is an eatery called 新乐园鱼蛋粉, its called Sun Lok Yuen in English, I highly recommend the beef brisket and beef balls noodles! They are very generous with the portions and it tastes really good. Given Hong Kong’s higher standard of living compared to Singapore, they are not considered expensive as well! If possible, do come with a cantonese/mandarin speaking friend because it seems like they don’t have English translations for their menu, else you might be limited to ordering dishes with photos shown on the walls of the restaurant.

The Menu!
Beef Brisket and Beef Ball Noodles with Kai Lan vegetables


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