Saunas are undeniably the most quintessential part of Finnish Culture.
It is an understatement to say that Finns LOVES sauna when a population of 5 million to have an estimated 3million saunas.

In our apartment complex, there was a sauna that we reserve a booking for. My friends and I would book the sauna. There is nothing like going to a sauna and having a few drinks with your friends to unwind after a long day.

Sauna Session with flatmates!

There was even a Sauna Crawl event in school where the objective was to go to all the saunas on the campus to complete the challenges at these locations.
It was a great experience to go around the campus trying out all the saunas and meeting new people.

Checkpoints for Sauna Crawl

It is also a very common practice to jump inside a pile of snow or go for a dip in the lake during your sauna session.
It is a very good feeling to get out from your sauna, submerge yourself in a freezing cold water and get back into the sauna. Trust me, your body will feel very relaxed after doing this. Just watch this video here XD

Remember to drink lots of water before going to sauna and enjoy your sauna experience.

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