Participating in an exchange program is an exciting and enriching experience that opens doors to a world of endless possibilities. Similarly, this exchange experience at UMD has provided me an opportunity to immerse in a foreign culture, broaden horizons and create wonderful memories through new experiences. Some of the exciting aspects of an exchange is the chance to explore diverse activities, learn more about the foreign culture, acquiring knowledge about the local academic practices and engaging in unique local experiences. These are some of the fun activities that I participated during my exchange at UMD, and highly encourage you to check them out during your exchange too!

1. Attend the University of Maryland basketball games

The basketball games are usually held in the Xfinity center and students are given free tickets to attend the games. Attending the basketball games have always been a fun experience, because both the players in UMD team and opponents’ team are extremely talented ramping up the intensity of the competition. The atmosphere is filled with the spectators’ cheer and enthusiasm creating a vibrant and electric ambience enhancing our experience.

2. ALL NITER event

ALL NITERS are one night events held on a Friday with fun-filled activities in the STAMP student union building. They have activities such as building a terp, playing board games with your friends, playing bingo with huge prizes at stake, drawing caricatures, and free cookies for all!! Insomnia cookies are a must try during your exchange at UMD.

3. Participate in the dodgeball games

There are usually numerous games and activities being held throughout the semester. Make sure to check out your emails for the current events!

Here my friends and I had the opportunity to participate in the exciting game of dodgeball. Through this game we forged stronger bonds as we worked together as a team, employing various tactics and using defensive formations to gain a competitive advantage. Get ready for exhilarating adventures when you participate in the university events and games!

4.Unwind in the Mckeldin Building as you take a quick break from classes  

5. Catch a movie at the Hoff Theater in the Adele H. STAMP Student Union

6. Catch the play in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Witness the captivating performance of talented actors aka students of UMD transforming into the iconic characters you have read in the books and feel the power of words come alive through your imagination. I had the opportunity to step into the enchanting world as I embarked on a journey to catch the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This experience definitely allowed the audience to be immersed in the beauty of Shakespeare’s skillful storytelling allowing the timeless tale resonate with us. Catch the theatrical masterpieces at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center!

7. Participate in Earth Day Event

Spent a fulfilling day actively participating in various booths and activities designed for educating the students more about Earth Day. At each booth my friends and I engaged in insightful discussions, learning about sustainable practices, recycling programs, environmentally friendly initiatives and how individuals like us can play our part to save the earth.

8. SPRING Smores Event

Participate in the smores events to indulge in the delectable campfire treat with your friends. Picture a golden brown marshmallow perfectly toasted under campfire sandwiched between two graham crackers with rich milk chocolate. The experience of savouring these treats in the company of my friends definitely brought joy and warmth to the experience.

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