Heyo  guys,

It is actually week 14 over here, and with all the exams and travelling, our posts are are backlogging. Here is a short post to share about the recent fair which i participated in!


Here are some pictures:

Figure 1: Briefing before the exchange fair.

The briefing is similar to what we had at SUTD but they had something extra which was the fair. I think it is nice being able to interact with exchange students and knowing more ab

out their school before making a decision. Perhaps Global can initiate this too? aahah







Figure 2 & 3: Pictures of the SUTD booth and sharing to the SKKU Undergraduates.

The whole fair last for one hour, and it was nice to meet Korean Students as well as other exchange students sharing about their school as well. Most of the students were impressed about our school curriculum and the new facilities. Also, singapore universities are apparently very popular and hard to get into! SUTD global also gave us a lot of gifts. And i feel it was a good strategy especially the tote bag. It was a really practical gift as students could put their handouts into them.

After the fair, the exchange students were treated to free pizza for their work! It was nice knowing new people and their cultures.

Nicholas Tan.

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