School’s started but contrary to school being slow and easy but there are some administrative matters to settle. First, to roam around school, you can try obtain a map during ORIENTATION on 31 AUG 2017 or at Blk 107 Student Union Building Level 2 where the Student Affairs Office is located. There is a need to pick up your Student ID card starting from 1 SEP 2017. The Student ID card works as a T-money I.e. bus or subway transportation card, School Access Card, and Bank Debit Card. This card needs to be collected at Blk 607 Alumni Association Building, specifically Shinhan Bank. There is a form consisting of 15 or more pages and the wait at the bank to be administered is 3-4hrs. TIP 1 Just go on subsequent days when the crowd subsides but collect the forms to fill up at home first.

You might have applied for Introductory Korean Course and wait for an email for the confirmed location and time, most probably at Blk 108 International Building. Textbook and Workbook costs 20,000KRW.

If there are courses that you want to add or drop, you can do so ONLINE on 7-8 SEP 2017. If you are unable to do so successfully, the last phase would be the OFFLINE Add-Drop Period on 12 SEP 2017 and submit the form at Blk 108 International Building Office.

The last day to pick up your Student ID Card is 15 SEP 2017.

Lastly, you need to sign up for an Alien Registration Card in South Korea which is a follow-up action from Application of VISA done in Singapore. The instructions are here and it must be done within the first 90days of stay in Korea.

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