Time flies when you’re having fun. 4 weeks have passed and the routine of living here is starting to fall into place.

As an avid rock climber from SUTD climbers, Monday evenings have become my bouldering day. Having bought a 3-month pass for a bouldering gym situated conveniently between main campus and home, I can climb any time and as often as I want. Below is a picture of the cozy bouldering gym.

Cosy Bouldering Gym

Life at Flemingsberg accommodation is also a unique experience. As (probably) the only Singaporean staying here, I’ve had the opportunity to make many friends from all over the world (mainly Europe). A close group of us hold almost weekly gatherings. On Wednesday, we each made pizzas for our gathering. It is an incredible experience to get to know and experience the different cultures.

Wednesday’s Pizza Party

Winter is coming. And in the land of very short winter days, every opportunity to travel must be seized. A group of us went to Vaxholm, part of the Swedish archipelago, to kayak. We chanced upon amazing vistas and islands as we battled buffeting winds and were soaked in the freezing sea water. The kayak rental owner probably though we were crazy as we were the only ones kayaking that day and we barely made it back before sunset.

Picture from the coast of Vaxholm

Natural climbing was something I never did before coming to Sweden and on Sunday I natural climbed for my second time. Natural climbing is much more difficult than indoors. Firstly, the holds are not clearly marked out and finding good and useful ones is a challenge. There is also a greater element of fear, looking down at real rocks. The climate also plays a role. It is starting to get colder and towards the end my fingers were so numb I could barely feel what I was holding.

A 6C Route I could not finish

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more adventures from the land of Ikea.

– Zhi-en

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