Hello! Last week, the Guild of Automation and Systems Technology had its 20th anniversary, so the guild booked the entire amusement park in Helsinki, Linnanmäki Amusement Park on Friday for us students of the university! It cost around €20 though, but compared to the usual €39 for the all-ride-access pass, it was quite a steal, so I went down for it with some new friends! As general info, the park operates on a pay-per-ride system with the option to purchase an all-ride-access pass, so it is actually free to go in and look around on a usual operating day. The park was rather small, but there was a rather large selection of rides to choose from. Factor in that the park was only open to us Aalto students on that day, meant that there were relatively short queues for almost all the rides!

Bumper cars with almost no queue!!

Some of the rides that we took that stood out to me were the Panoraama (an observation tower), Linnunrata eXtra (a VR coaster) and Vuoristorata (a wooden coaster). The observation tower provided a great 360° view of the park, and is actually free to go on, which means that one can get panoramic views of the surroundings from up high by just going to the park and taking this ride without paying a cent! The VR coaster is not a stationary ride; its riders actually have to put on VR headsets which provide the surroundings while the roller coaster is going down its track! Some of the options provided to us via the VR headset was a space setting (where you travel around at high speed avoiding meteors etc) and a wingsuit setting (where you fly in and around mountains avoiding rockslides etc). There was also a horror setting of which none of us experienced, sadly. Lastly, the wooden coaster is actually the park’s oldest ride as it was built in 1951! It also happened to be my first time taking a wooden coaster and I expected it to be a rough and bumpy ride, but I was proven wrong as it turned out to be surprisingly smooth and comfortable to ride! There were a lot of hills as in typical wooden coaster fashion, but there were less lateral Gs in this one as most of its turns were at the top of its hills, which made it a good ride for one of my friends who was afraid of going on roller coasters as this was, in my opinion, good for beginners who have not taken a roller coaster before.

View from Panoraama

A random thing that was really interesting to me was the toilet in the park. The taps in the sinks were not activated by sensor or hand, in fact they were activated by pressing on pedals beneath each sink, which is something I seldom see these days! All in all, it was really cool how a guild of the school managed to organise such an event, and it was a day well spent!

Sink with foot pedal
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