Hi guys!

It’s Bran and I’m back again!

I thought that since we are almost reaching the end of the semester, I should talk more about what I have been doing in school!

Basically, I am doing 5 course this period( half semester) and it has been insane thus far as I have been completing homework assignments one after another.

So amidst the craziness of taking 5 courses in a single period, I decided to make myself go crazier by signing up to join KTH’s DJ club! I had many doubts signing up, because for one, I was just an exchange student and I wasn’t sure if they would accept me. Nonetheless, I went for my interview where I was thrown questions that were related to almost everything, such as how would I plan for a wedding to favourite music genres. The interview lasted 40 minutes, and over the weekend, I was informed that I was one of the lucky 8 that was enlisted as a ‘Prospect’, or prospective member!

In the first session, it was really awkward because although I wasn’t the only non-swede in the club, the other asians could speak Swedish. Hence, the whole session had to be conducted in English because i was the only one that couldn’t speak Swedish XD Nonetheless, being hospitable Swedes, they willingly and gladly held the session in English which I was really relieved about!

And…. I will be djing at a KTH student union party at the end of the month!!!

Really excited for it, and in my next blogpost I will be talking more about that experience, as I feel this is definitely going to be one of my highlights of my exchange life!


Till next time!

DJ Bran.Boy

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