So this week was reading week. Which on exchange means time to go out and have fun!

Kicking off the week with my usual Monday climb. I did something different this week. I went Klättercentret Telefonplan, well known to the climbing community from the YouTube channel Eric Karlsson Bouldering, famous, or shall I say infamous, for the World’s Hardest Route. This climbing gym is way bigger than the cosy bouldering gym from my last post and is definitely a must go for climbers visiting Stockholm.

Klättercentret Telefonplan

Early on Tuesday morning, it was off to Läggesta to kick start our 4-day long camping trip along the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail. As you can see from the picture of my friend below, our bags were full of food for 4 days, cooking equipment, a tent, sleeping mats to keep out the cold, sleeping bags. These foil mats will become essential against the freezing nights.

Sörmlandsleden trail

What’s the difference between camping and outfield one might ask? Well for one we enjoyed good food! Can you imagine eating steak outfield? Or this amazingly views over a chill lunch?

Our meals

And the views were amazing. Sweden’s geography is full of boulders and lakes. Together with the autumn colours, its breath-taking.

…and lakes means lots of uphills and downhills
Colours of Autumn

Finally, camping was an experience, especially the final night when the temperatures fell to 0°C. I had to completely cover my face to protect it from the freezing tent air. We woke up the icy dew covering the ground and the tent. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

Final day camping area
Roasting Marshmallows while enjoying the warmth from the fire
Sunrise over the misty lake on the last morning

Overall, we hiked 60km. From lush green mossy and coniferous landscapes to the colours of fall. From lichen covered rocks to lakeside views. Scenery impossible to find in Singapore. Definitely worth every step. And now its time to get back to studying…


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