Into the sixth week of ALP, things are starting to get busy for our theme. The week started with our second Design Fiction II class on Wednesday, where we practised sketching techniques. The lesson was based on the theme of ‘Future Socialisation’, and we were split into groups, required to do up a poster applying the techniques that we learnt.

The next day was filled with much excitement. We got up early at 8 that day to go on a field trip to Jiang Yang Park, where we got to observe the vegetation and wildlife there. The park itself was not really big and we quickly finished touring it, and went on to check out the Hang Zhou Food Museum at the park. There, we learnt about the general history of food changes in Hang Zhou through the many years, and were greeted by the delicious looking food models up on display.

The same afternoon was spent, once again, on sketching classes. This time, we learnt sketching techniques specifically required for landscape sketching, as well as colouring techniques, This was all done by our TAs and we had so much fun! With all the fun, we quickly got our assignment, which is to do up 3 sketches (One perspective sketch, one coloured perspective sketch and one site plan sketch).

We met up once again the next day in the morning for a lesson on AutoCAD and Photoshop, facilitated by our TA Liu Qian. He was taught us a few basic controls that we would need for future use, and we were quickly over with the lesson, rewarded with another assignment of doing up a CAD site plan as well as a Photoshop collage. All these, together with the 3 sketches, were due Sunday night.

Sunday night came by really quickly as we spent the time completing our assignments. We did it, and were complimented by our TAs for the effort and patience that many of us had put into our sketches and work. In general, our pen sketching techniques were more or less up to standard, it’s just our colouring that needed some brushing up. The session went by smoothly, and we managed to learn new things looking at each other’s work.

With that, the week concluded on a positive note. Though it had been a really busy and hectic week, but what we learnt from it was really valuable to us and was worth the time and effort.

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In recent years, people living in the city have been suffering from much anxiety and inconvenience due to the increasing urban population, expanding industry, transportation and excessive concentration of the city that caused various bad results. Meanwhile, it brings about impact on the operation of cities. Urban life imprison people in the city of reinforced concrete, which bound your heart like a cage. Mouse and man in the world need to slow down the pace of life to pursue the cozy field scenery in countryside and comfortable resting space, enjoy the baptism of nature and the sunshine bathing. We hope that the design of this project is to enable you who are long-term in a state of tension in the city life to relax yourselves, and to return to nature, experience culture, perceive life.


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