The second month in exchange passed very slowly… maybe it was because my theme had very little to do but we just seemed to have lots of free time to do what we want and explore beautiful china^^

having the scheduled weekly visits to HuShu really helped alot, we were constantly kept on our toes and kept busy with our lesson planning and our strategic way of teaching or mingling with the kids. the two months spent with them so far really allowed us to know them more personally, know their individual quirks, their likes and their dislikes. i can say for a fact that many of them are far less intimidating than they first appeared and actually are rather quite cute. after getting to know them better i feel like a bond was there  and it was easier to have lessons with them and interact with them.

team HuShu !!!

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Im a carefree , free- spirited person who likes to take on life at a slower and more relaxed pace. I observe the world around me, nature and people, and enjoy participating in activities that leads me on an exciting journey of self discovery and learning. I love trying local food and delicacies as it allows to learn so much about the country's tastes and preferences. I am a big foodie so i really do enjoy discovering good and yummy food.


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