If you google for things to do in Helsinki, you’ll often find going to Tallinn one of the most popular things to do.

And so we went! It was in February, and we spent a night there. To get to Tallinn, you have to take a 2 hour ferry ride. We chose Eckerö Line, which is usually also the cheapest option with the best timings. It was around €50 for a return ticket, which was much more expensive than usual as we planned it last-minute. To get cheaper ferry tickets, book your tickets early, or travel during weekdays!

Arrive early to board the ferry and remember to bring your passports! We played cards during the ferry ride to kill time. You can bring your own drinks and food too! The ferry departed at 9am, and we reached Tallinn at 11.15am.

In this blog I will talk about our accommodation, and the highlights from our trip.


Since we were spending a night there, we booked a hotel. We stayed at Citybox Tallinn. It was within walking distance from the ferry terminal, and it was only €51 a night for a double room. It was also clean and modern, highly recommended!

Balti Jaam Market Hall

There were stalls selling all kinds of cooked food, fresh produce, chocolates, honey, and many more. On the upper floors there were second-hand and vintage stores. I bought a ceramic jug for only €1! Teacup sets were also only a few euros each.

Restaurant F-Hoone

Prices in Tallinn were much more wallet-friendly, as compared to Helsinki. We ordered their meat dumplings, mushroom risotto, coconut soup, fries, and pork belly. The dumplings, pork belly and mushroom risotto (no longer available as they changed their menu) were delicious! It was a great, affordable meal. The dumplings are a must-try.


Maritime Museum

A very interesting and interactive museum! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there, and even went into a submarine! The Maritime Museum is located in the neighbourhood of Kalamaja, where we also had fun exploring and walking by the bay. In the area there’s Robert’s coffee – their blueberry muffins are amazing.

Maritime Museum

Inside the submarine

Walking around Kalamaja

Along the Bay

Old Town

The Old Town of Tallinn was fun to explore, the colours were nice and vibrant. Lots of cathedrals to look at. Do wear comfortable shoes! The streets are cobbled and uneven.

Bubble Tea

If you are craving bubble tea, YumCha is a good option! Decent bubble tea with handmade pearls.



Other things to check out: KUMU Museum (when we went there was a teamlab exhibition)

Have fun in Tallinn!

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