The lyrics of Hotel California says, ‘California…such a lovely place.’ This phrase has enchanted numerous people and lured them to California. After staying in California for 3 weeks, I am still astounded by its beauty.

Every day in summer, California enjoys 16 hours of sunlight. Basking in the sunshine, I always feel energetic and hopeful.

In the afternoon, I enjoy exploring the Stanford campus on my own and be pleasantly surprised by hidden beauty I have yet to notice. Once, there were falling flowers outside the Stanford Memorial Church, and I paused there to witness this picturesque scene. Those are the moments that I feel as if time has stopped, and I just stood there to admire the symphony of human architecture and natural beauty.

Credits: Amartya

I am tremendously grateful to have the privilege to come here, to witness some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and I believe that the ensuing weeks will be wonderful.

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