We went on a one-day trip to San Antonio, a city located north of Austin. While my other SUTD friends went to Six Flags, my friend and I went to explore the city area instead. We visited the Alamo, a historical fortress where the famous Battle of the Alamo took place. It was here that a small group of Texan rebels defended the fort against the Mexican army.

The Alamo

After our trip to the Alamo, we strolled around the River Walk, a scenic waterway situated one level down the street level. Besides the picturesque scenery in the River Walk, it also houses a variety of cafés, artist galleries, shops, and a theater. 

Coincidentally, while we were there, the Mardi Gras (French for “Fat Tuesday”), a celebration held before the Lent season, was being celebrated. As a result, the Riverwalk was bustling with lively festivities, parades, and an outdoor concert where everyone had masks and beads. 

Unlike the quiet and serene College Station, San Antonio is more similar to Singapore with its urban environment and tourist districts. In fact, the River Walk is similar to the Singapore River, except that it is terribly easy to fall into the river as they don’t have railings.

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