Travelling out of Helsinki to get to central Europe can be quite a hassle, here is a list of decently accessible locations to visit from Helsinki.

  1. Tampere and Turku. Tampere and Turku are 2 other cities in Finland that have rich histories and are interesting to visit. Turku used to be the capital of Finland before Helsinki and thus it , a simple bus or train ride for a few hours would take you to these places easily, thus they are great for day trips. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to see Tampere.
  2. Lapland. Rovaniemi is the part of Lapland in Finland that is home to the renowned Santa Claus Village. Popular activities there include Reindeer petting and husky sledding, as well as winter sports. Of course the chances of seeing the northern lights there is higher than many places.

  3. Stockholm. Stockholm is significantly further away, when I went there by ferry, it will roughly take a day to get there. However, the ferry ride there is more like a cruise, with many on-board activities and performances to enjoy. With a group of friends, even the long hours of travel will be filled with fun. The view on the ferry journey is also one to die for.  Stockholm is a lovely city, it is very different from helsinki with a much deeper history that is worth exploring. A 3 to 4 day trip is sufficient to see the significant parts of the city.
  4. Tallin. Tallin is an extremely popular destination for people in Helsinki, I think in my 4 months there, I visited Tallin 4 times. It is popular due to the accessibility, only needing a 2 hour ferry ride there and back. Tallin has a charming old town that has many viewing spots. There is a nice mixture of
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