The beautiful scenery outside the Design Museum!

Despite the sweltering heat,  we enjoyed the exhibition. It was certainly an eye opener as we were able to see the various products that incorporated both Western and Chinese cultures.

The cool hidden “staircase door”  which leads us to another exhibition gallery and an office.

Einstein’s portrait designed using magnetic steel balls of varying size!

Just a quick update on our theme’s progress in view of the final presentation, both uwaffle and Gesture are busy preparing the slides, video and finishing touches to the user interface of the products!

Do check out the application below that uwaffle have created!

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Team members: Brandon Ricks Junjie Kon / Cheah Yee Kei / Ho Jin Teck, Daryl / Huang Jiahui / Lim Wei Xuan / Mandia Joaquin Inigo Manas / Ooi Kai Lue / Pinardy Yang Ping Zun / Raphael D Seng Zhiming / Ruth Wong Nam Ying / Yap Wei Jin / Yeo Xin He Burindy As we all know, “music can reach people deep inside and evoke different kinds of emotions”, so music plays a good role in promoting the brain function. It directly causes people to have positive or negative emotions, thereby affecting people’s lives and work. Therefore, we can design some products or applications about music to influence people’s or even plants’ emotions. Consequently, let the world all live a better life.


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