So part 2 of Shanghai. We headed out to the Science and Technology museum. Cuz… we SUTD

So first off after entering the Science and Tech museum we headed to animal world. It was full of wax animals that had good resemblance to the actual animals. But the kangaroos were a bit small.

After a walk up a slope we made it to cacti land

Further on was insect land. This was a pretty creepy cave with butterflies in each window nailed to boards

View of animal world from the 2nd floor.

This was the view from the middle of the two buildings that made up the museum. It was where the 4d theatre was but we didn’t go in because it was slightly expensive. First thing we did was go to the robot exhibition.

I’m glad to have witnessed one of the few mistakes the robot made. It came close to completing but dropped it.

Next robot was doing stack 4.

Lastly, and most fascinating was this archery robot. It loaded and fired the arrow. It was interesting watching how the two arms had to coordinate the movements.

Couldn’t help doing archery myself. Of course, I lost.

And next we went to sports and recreation exhibits.

It was really interesting with table tennis exhibits, soccer, boxing etc.

Here’s Fabian doing table tennis.

And here’s the boxing

Everyone was excellent

After that we walked towards this area talking about pollution, but as you can clearly see, there was severe overcrowding in one of the fishtanks.

Lastly, we went to space exploration. There was a gyroscope and I couldn’t resist trying.

Wasn’t as exciting  as it looked.

And that was it for the science and tech museum. Next stop, dinner.

Fish soup and rice.

After that, me and Wesley split from the group and went to this street near disneyland for beer.

And after beer we went to meet the rest at disneyland hoping to catch free fireworks.

And we did catch some

Twas something

Of course, what visit would be complete without disneyland.


And we met up with the stragglers


Took awesome photos

And headed back for the night to prep for next day.

We headed to an old derelict butcher warehouse. It was meant to be pretty creepy and the flow of the building was to facilitate the ease of butchering.

Pretty interesting nooks and crannies and slopes and steps from level to level


Always a place for a glorious shot.


And this is Fabian, my roommate. Whose awesomeness I could probably spend a blog post on. But I won’t. But yeap, shout out to GBB Fabian Ang


And it was time to head back to Hangzhou. Summer was approaching, it was getting warm  and temps were rising.

Didn’t have to run to get onto this train :)

And we were back.

Shanghai was fun.

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