The team dedicated to their tasks!

The team starts getting their hands dirty this week through the use of resin. Our first task however was to polish them thoroughly, such that there were smooth to touch. Treating this as a good hand workout, we all sat there at our workspaces, diligently polishing white resin pieces, ignoring the crying pain in our muscles. Then, we headed to more tedious polishing, where the task was to polish up a clear resin piece that was initially Matt on the outside. The difficult part in this exercise was alternating in sanding sides between the different types of sandpaper, starting with the coarsest first, and judging whether a side of the resin piece is sanded fully for one type of sandpaper before proceeding to sand with a paper of higher grade.

Sanding it down
My resin piece after long hours of sanding.
The opaque resin pieces we needed to sand down for smoothening

We also had the opportunity to design our own resin blocks as well on whatever we wanted, the only requirement was to link the designs we had to Chinese and Singapore culture. Some also made resin designs by pouring resin into plastic cups, and made decorations in them.

The team dedicated to their tasks!

Our fruits of labour!
The opaque resin pieces we needed to sand down for smoothening
Resin pieces I did

This week, we also had a tour to Kaiyao Lighting factory, a 100km drive from Zhejiang University ZJG Campus. We had the opportunity to see how lights are made in their factory, through a whole long production line of people piecing parts of the lighting together, working on new developments. This reminded me of what I learnt in Human Geography back when I was in Junior College, about the separation of workers according to their own classes.

Last but not the least, let me again introduce the new food I had for the week. This time I managed to find this yongtaofu shop in 后街, selling noodles and your choice of vegetables and condiments, topping it off with your choice of spiciness. You can choose between non-spicy, mildly spicy, mid spicy and extremely spicy.

That’s all for week 5!

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