After a day-long journey travelling from Incheon Airport to Pohang Airport, we were all really tired. However, when we were asking for direction to POSTECH from Pohang Airport, the kind lady offered to give us a ride there instead.

During the ride, she shared with us about the different things to do and delicacies to try in town. She had recommended us to visit Yeongildae Beach and the Homigot. This has got me excited about the upcoming term at POSTECH. Additionally, she shared with us that the Koreans describe the students of POSTECH as “the brain” (the smart one), and immediately I know I need to prepare myself for a tough semester ahead.

When checking into the hostel, the hardest part was climbing up the stairs in the building with our heavy luggage. And I am really thankful for everyone that helped along the way. Reaching the hostel before my assigned roommate, I am so excited to meet her as well.


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