his article first appeared in BTS Issue 4.

By Tan Yong Da Dino, Junior (Class of 2021)
Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)

Internship at Unilever in Singapore

I was a Data Engineer Intern at Unilever Information & Analytics Department (I&A).

My work focused on the development of a Trade Promotion Analytics (TPA) platform, a data driven interactive dashboard that allows clients to analyse the performance of their products and promotions across retailer stores. It makes use of primary consumer data that is developed into structured dashboards and visualisations, enabling clients to adopt a targeted approach in their sales decisions.

As a data engineer, my main role within this TPA project is to process and transform primary consumer data into key business KPIs such as return on investment (ROI), market share, and promotion uplift, before handing over the data to business analysts for dashboard development. During this coding process, I regularly liaised with foreign clients to communicate data requirements, as well as rectify data quality issues. Given the large scale of the datasets, I had the opportunity to work with big data within a cloud environment as well as familiarise myself with its various applications.

Over the course of the internship, I acquired a technical grounding of R, a programming language in both data processing and analysis, and developed a business acumen for the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. The curriculum in ESD was useful in helping me adjust to the learning curve as a data engineer in Unilever. Courses like ‘Data and Business Analytics’ and ‘Manufacturing and Service Operations’ had client facing projects that allowed me to draw parallels during my internship, in both the technical and communicative aspect.

Overall, this internship at Unilever has helped me develop into a more task oriented and code-efficient engineer, and I am grateful for the experience.

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