This article first appeared in BTS Issue 4.


Bianca Su Fen Gill
SUTD Class of 2016

Company: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd
Job: Executive Architect

“My designs strive to establish a connection with history and cultures which are interwoven organically with technological and creative disruptions.”


Goh Jun Yang Lester
SUTD Class of 2019

Company: SUEP Architects
Job: Assistant Architect
Country: Japan

“I take pride in architecture design that combines modern environmental simulation techniques with a keen eye towards aesthetic detail.”



Dexter Chew Xuan Han
SUTD Class of 2015

Company: Dyson Operations Pte Ltd
Job: Design Engineer

“Leveraging design and engineering, I help develop revolutionary products that aim to better the landscape of personal care.”


Isha Shah
SUTD Class of 2017

Company: foodpanda
Job: Product Manager

“I build an efficient and hassle-free self pick-up experience for our customers.”


Joanne Tan Huishan
SUTD Class of 2016

Company: ResMed Asia Pte Ltd
Job: Systems Engineer

“I design lightweight and efficient portable oxygen concentrators for COPD patients, allowing them to remain mobile and continue active lifestyles.”



Ang Shuyi Delphine
SUTD Class of 2015

Company: Changi Airport Group
Job: Manager, T5 Planning

“I rethink existing operations and explore how innovative technology could transform them to deliver a seamless experience for passengers.”


Ng Zi Kai
SUTD Class of 2016

Company: Princeton Digital Group
Job: Business Strategy and Customer Success Manager

“I ensure the perfection of our partners’ digital infrastructure, providing the bedrock for the thriving global digital landscape.”



Isaac Ashwin Ravindran
SUTD Class of 2019

Company: Facebook Inc.
Job: Software Engineer
Country: USA

“I design and engineer social media products that evoke meaningful interactions and content to bring the world closer together.”


Cindy Ong Wen Ling
SUTD Class of 2019

Company: Mastercard
Job: Product Manager

“I build a world beyond cash – a world convenient and safe to transact in.”


Koh Jing Yu
SUTD Class of 2019

Company: Google
Job: AI Resident
Country: USA

“I tackle fundamental machine learning research to push the state-of-the-art in vision and language artificial intelligence.”


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