Hi! Throughout the term, I got to make use of the days without classes and the weekends and took many short trips to a total of 10 cities. To be frank, I booked most of these trips spontaneously whenever I spotted a cheap flight or train. However, every single one of these cities left me with unforgettable experiences and I would definitely be heading back to Europe in the future!

1: Madrid, Spain: a busy yet cosy city where I get my Asian food and thrift shopping done.

2: Barcelona, Spain: the city that welcomed me into Europe with her rich culture and arts.

3: Bordeaux, France: the beginning of my solo trips, a hidden gem from France with great canele.

4: Valencia, Spain: the paella and orange city with great weather, beaches, Asian food and very flat ground.

5: Porto, Portugal: a sweet city with amazing views, a down to earth ambience and many spots to chill and relax.

6: Paris, France: the city that charms everyone in with capitalist sparkles and leave all her visitors reminiscing the bourgeoisie.

7: Budapest, Hungary: a severely under rated city with breath taking views and kind locals.

8: Milan, Italy: a city that made me hating how commercialized it is but also loving the festivity and artistry.

9: Florence, Italy: a tiny city with great pasta, comforting vibes and cute streets.

10: Rome, Italy: THE city with THE architectures and THE Audrey Hepburn movie scenes.


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