Time spent in Finland was far from boring. There were non-stop meetups and events organised by both student organisations as well as among ourselves. Orientation week was just the beginning.

Below is an image from one of the many campfires that we did. Campfires are one of the many things that Germans do during their childhood and with their families. This is a really unique and fun experience as we got to do everything ourselves, from chopping the firewood, to starting the fire, to running away from the smoke and barbequing our food. This was really great during the winter as well when temperature dropped below 0 and we could use the fire to warm ourselves. As night falls, we are surrounded by complete darkness with the fire being the only light source. Sitting around the campfire with familiar faces was also a new experience and we would often spend hours sitting around the fire, eating and chatting.

Self-organised campfire

Our Tutor from Finland also invited us to have a meal on Independence day. We gathered in one of the meeting rooms and our tutor, together with a few others, cooked a few Finnish dishes for everyone to try.

Meal by our Tutor from Finland on Independence day

Closer to Christmas, we organised gatherings as well. One of which was a cookie exchange where the entrance ticket was cookies from their respective hometowns. We got to try different cookies and discuss about how we make the cookies. The one that stood out the most for me is the Joulutorttu from Finland.

Delicious Joulutorttu (Christmas prune tart)
Cookie Exchange
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