In this week’s post, I would be sharing the multiple 景点s all over 杭州. Hangzhou is quite a big city and there are many good locations to visit to have a good scenic view and have good meals. However, I am less of a foodie, so I don’t really have photographic of good shots of food 😛.

Night Markets

Hangzhou has quite a handful of night markets – as promoted by the local government to protect the culture and handiwork of the locals. However, unlike my understanding of a night market (thanks 台湾夜市s), the night markets here in Hangzhou are less for eating and more of small shops selling cheap accessories or services like nail art painting or calligraphy art. Nevertheless, they are definitely still worth visiting, bearing in mind the cheap prices you can get buying merchandise (also a good practice of your haggering Uncle & Auntie skills).

I found a small (& blur) “map” of these various night markets or 夜市s around Hangzhou.To DATE (punnn), I have yet to visit all, but the handful which I had the pleasure and chance to explore were quite satisfying experiences.

A map of Hangzhou’s Night Markets

A notable street to walk when you have free time is 清河坊 night market street. The street stretches a good 200 meters and is lined with bustling shop owners hollering their lungs out to promote sale deals. There were stores that sold 龙井村茶, hand-made silver jewelry (professional craftsmen hammering away on silver rods), local delicacies like melted sugar on fruits on a stick, desert stores that sold “Dragon’s Breath” snack – a ball like snack that is soaked in liquid nitrogen that when consumed will let the user huff out puffs of ‘smoke’, and hence the name.

Laughing Buddha Statue at 清河坊 street

The oldest 夜市 and most renowned is 吴山夜市. It boasts a size-able 400 push-carts kind of stalls, that sell anything from trinkets, to accessories and anime art t-shirts, from shoes, clothing to small services like nail art painting, henna tattoo art to fortune telling and many more. I would definitely be coming back to get some good deals on some anime accessories.

Entrance to 吴山夜市

Cute bunnies at 吴山夜市

The modern night market – aka the shopping district is this huge mall cluster along the stretch of 西湖 street. There’s like 5 big malls here and I happened to chance upon this unique overhead bridge along the way.

4-sided overhead bridge

Temples (灵隐寺)

Hangzhou has a cluster of temples around the 西湖 region, and being a Buddhist, it is definitely a good idea to walk around and pay my respects. The temples just had this authenticity and new look (thanks to restorative works) to preserve the culture and religion. I must say all the handicraft works of the deity and gods are very well made, and unfortunately since no photography inside the temple was allowed, you just have to take my word for it 🤔.

We visited a couple of temples within the temple cluster and it was quite a refreshing change compared to a hectic afternoon of studying and working on projects.

Circular shaped gathering (praying) area 

Dragon-Stone art in front of a temple’s entrance

Even my potato managed to capture this model-like shot! ✨

Credits to the models ^ 

西溪 wetlands

This huge park is part water (lake – pond) and part land. Sitting just 5km from the renowned 西湖, it’s no surprise that the beauty of nature within this park is just as good. The network of rivers that snake and permeate through the extents of the park give it a maze-like birds-eye view. Do be prepared to spend a whole day here or at least a good 4-6 hours if you want to explore the park decently and make full use of your park ticket! Yes, you did not read wrong, the park has DLC material that is unlocked with a purchase. Thankfully, being students, we enjoyed the student price of 40 ¥, instead of the normal adult ticket price of 80 ¥ 🤯!!

What was really cool was at the ticket-gantry, we could use a face-recognition in-place of our ticket so as to enter the different areas within the park later just by simply beaming in front of the camera! Much wow, much technologies, much convenience!

西溪 wetlands entrance

Being the bloom season, there were many flowers in full glory and beauty and I could not resist snapping a few shots as well. The ponds and lakes were also filled with lily-pad farms, which was a sight to behold.

Entrance greeting by red-pink blooming flowers

Sunflower bloommm

Giant Lotus farm

I bought this gold coin souvenir for 30 ¥ (pretty worth it in my opinion) and took a cliche shot with it with the pagoda tower in the background.

Cliche shot of souvenir with pagoda tower model


The west lake is probably the place with the most scenic view in Hangzhou. As the name implies, it is a huge lake surrounded by some hills and nature reserves. This place is really scenic and deserves more visits. However, because of it being a tourist site, it is usually crowded and hustling with people, which kinda spoils the view and nature vibe. I would highly recommend an early stroll to work-around this issue.

Below is a sunrise shot captured on the bridge in 西湖, beautiful right?

Sunrise shots over 西湖

西湖 has a region known as 龙井村, a small village that has tea farms along hills.

Tea-farming hills

Water Reflection shot Nature!

As our so-called honeymoon period comes to an end, I can feel that crunch-time of our theme projects will start soon. However, I am optimistic that with the support of my theme members, we will pull through and enjoy ourselves along the way.

~ Jamesong7822

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