8:30am: Morning Cup of Tea 😀
I am a very morning person, so I usually get up at this time to make a hot cup of tea and look outside to see a little area of trees and nature in my neighborhood all covered in a layer of snow from the night before.

10:00am: Time to get some work done
I would get myself a table at the Undergraduate Center to do my own work: going through lecture slides, doing weekly quizzes, or watching lecture videos. In most courses, they are focused more on self-directed learning and learning at your own pace, so it was incredibly comfortable and it was an enjoyable experience.


11:30am: FOOD!
FOOD TIME! I would get brunch at the school canteen. For a very affordable price of 2.95EUR (Student price), you could enjoy a buffet style lunch/dinner where you get a selection of highly nutritious food. Of course, there is a limit on how much meat you can take, for instance, 2 chicken patties or 8 meat balls etc. There are also vegan options available!!


12:15pm: Lesson Time
This time is usually a lecture or an exercise group. Time to pay attention and ask questions if you are not sure what’s going on! There will be very helpful TAs to guide you along some of the really complicated concepts so don’t worry so much.

4:00pm: Health is Wealth
After lecture, I usually go back to the tables at the Undergraduate Center to get more work done.
When the clock hits 4pm, that’s my gym time. Other than the gym there is also an indoor sports hall where you could play badminton, basketball, and floorball. They also have ball sports groups where you can sign up and play with others and make new friends!


5:30pm: FOOD AGAIN!
After gymming, I would be super tired, so it is time to recharge again with food! I would usually go to the school canteen as it is the most convenient place for me to get dinner before I head back home.
In the evening, if there are school parties, I would be there meet my old friends as well as make new friends because that’s what exchange is for, right?




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