It’s once again boat day!

Starting from the morning, we work intensely on making our meticulously CAD-ed designs into a work of reality. It’s been tough, yet exciting. My main task for team Dragon (with Nick, Wei Qi, Hans, Brandon and Margaret) has been aiding in all processes and especially designing and building the propulsion system (which all of us call “drivetrain” here!) I cannot describe fully the feeling of seeing the materials coming in, seeing them being water-jetted out, and getting my hands on them for the first time. It’s the feeling of satisfaction, and a tint of pride.

Soon, reality kicks in. Being the first time working on such an engineering-intensive project, mistakes were made, and with that lots of sweats and blood have been sacrificed for not taking 5 minutes to double check the stock’s dimensions, or those 0.006″ enlargement of holes. This is also the first time I have ever appreciated the wonder of engineering and how good engineers are distinguished from the rest (think great engineers and what they might look like!) What an experience to have!

As the days roll out, and the final deadline is calling, all of us are working hard during the days, and sometimes nights, to finish what we have always been envisioning for the last 1.5 months.

And now, it’s time to cook dinner! – Also one of the things that I have learnt and enjoyed! Who would ever think I actually cook dinner everyday!

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