Our first week began with us meeting our professor, 黄教授, she gave us some basic knowledge about seasonal affective disorder(SAD). I felt that the most important message that she was trying to tell us was: since we most likely never experienced what it was like to have this disorder before, we should empathise more with people who have this disorder and understand their needs.

During the next meeting 黄教授 gave us an introduction on what we were suppose to do for our theme project ultimately. She told us what we were suppose to achieve in the end and our assignment for the week. We also had friendly teaching assistants who helped us with any questions we had even if it was not regarding the project.

So, for the first two weeks we just researched about SAD as a whole and the treatment which people suffering from SAD mostly used (light therapy). We found out about the products available in the market and how we could create one that could better meet their needs.

Theme E

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Team members: Chia Rui Qi, Cherie / Chong Hui Wen, Vanessa / Kwon Inhyuk / Lee Wen Yang, Bryan / Lin Junjie, James Hoping to make a difference, our group take on the task of designing a medical device that will aid in treating patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is totally new to us and something that we do not experience as we have summer all year round. However, we are confident that with enough research, prototyping and testing, we will be able to come up with a solution that is effective, low cost and aesthetically pleasing.


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