Week 4 was spent exploring Hangzhou factories and local schools. On Monday, a bunch of us visited the Yamaha Music Factory. We got to see how they manufactured upright pianos, hybrid pianos as well as acoustic guitars. As a musician, it was indeed eye-opening to learn how the instruments we use are made from scratch.

We also visited the China Academy of Art in both 南山 and 象山. The exhibitions consisted of different genres of art and we got to learn more about what students learn in local art schools.

The exhibitions were really impressive too! The EPD students collaborated with renowned brands such as Adidas, Jeep and Porsche to design vehicles.

Here’s looking forward to our own theme projects!

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Team members: Hilda Thian Qing Wei / Ho Cheng Da, Justin / Leong Jia Cheng / Oh Xi Yu / Paul Timothy Tan Bee Xian / Rebekah Low Hui Yin Wong Kay Jan China of China is a project that combines traditional craft with modern design, which aims at exploring the variety of ceramic modeling and materials. Students will be learn the basics of cermaic making and designing through interactions with local craftsmen and conduct a 1-week design practice in JingDeZhen. Theme research has been chosen to be focused on the study of Materials and Patterning Techniques. Students will also be given a short introduction to a History of Chinese Art.


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