Not a day goes by that I regret my experiences here in China. Unlike most of my course mates here in ALP, I’ve missed out on some events; arriving in China a week later because of my involvement in Orientation 2016 and being hospitalised for mild chickenpox in the university’s hospital a few weeks later. Nevertheless, I am confident that I never had less fun than the rest.

So far, the learning journey has been an insightful and interesting one. The initial lessons and homework seemed pointless, making different structures and forms out of provided styrofoam and card, but it was one that allowed us to explore how simplicity and careful combinations could make a unique space to look at from a close-up perspective. Currently, our theme is working on improving the kayak bay opposite the International Design Institute (IDI), and have split into three groups to generate different yet exciting ideas. My theme was able to attend a free kayaking session just to understand the problems faced by the individuals who use the kayak bay, as well as conduct a thorough recce of the site.  Our presiding mentor has given us valuable advice throughout this journey; pointing out the crucial details that may affect our proposals and pointers on how to improve on our project.

Of course, the ALP experience would never be complete without adventuring into the different provinces in China. For me, I’ve been to Shanghai and Nanjing over the weekends, and the travels were nothing short of amazing. Below are some of the places I’ve been to:

1. Old Shanghai Street (in Shanghai of course)

2. Yuyuan Garden (Shanghai)

3. Shanghai Museums and Exhibitions

4. Purple Mountain (Nanjing)

5. Nanjing Museum

7. Nanjing Railway Station

These are a few of the many pictures I have of my travels with friends around China. Time has not been kind to us, given our own busy schedules with theme work. Nevertheless, it has been a wonderful journey with them in China. May more adventures await us in the next half of ALP!

– Michael Yeow

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Team members: Chan Jia Hui / Cheong Yi Lei / Chow Khoi Rong, Clara / Daniel Yong Kaijie / Joshua Lim Wen Yao / Ng Jin Xi / Quek Wan Juan, Gabrielle / Tan Chu Er, Joey / Teo Mei Qin, Elizabeth / Yap Zi Qi / Yeow Zhi Wei Michael Augustine Through the footpaths of charming Hangzhou city, Chinese Urban and Architectural Environment aims to develop, in the students, an understanding and appreciation for Chinese urban styles and the exciting developments of her architecture through history. The project also involves small-scale landscape architectural design practices that builds key fundamental design skills, concepts and thinking that is necessary for the making of an architect.


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