Theme photo with Prof Xu and TA Yuan Sheng after the event is over. Blessed to work with this group of people.

Hi LTF here!

The week of reckoning is finally here! We have our final product launch presentation this week to cap off the end of ALP.

Details below.

1) LOGO: Making of the ALP Logo

So I was tasked to design a logo for ALP. Not very sure how to start, so I bought a marker with a calligraphy brush tip and started scribbling.
Ok… Can be better?
Hmm… This looks decent. Let’s work off this.
Convert that decent looking scribble to an AI vector.
A bit too square-y.
Ok… But the 2016 seems to be a bit out of place.
Now the 2016 is too tilted.
And voila! The finalised ALP logo. Nice! Not sure whether they will use this next year though if I remove the 2016.

Side note: Also, for some reason, a lot of China peeps keep asking me if I deliberately designed it such that it would look like the Chinese character 船.

2) FINAL PRODUCT: Pictures and a Bit of Dank (Photo credits to cameraman Wei Jun)

The 3 final headsets that we made. Awesome.
Look at those lighted acrylic antennas! #NeoPixels
Headset close up.
Kevin looking swag.
Powerpuff girls.
Si Yan was almost poster girl, but because she went paragliding and we could not get her for the final photo shoot, she was cut. We hired Kevin instead.
Pictures of our APP. Good stuff.
Pictures of our APP. Good stuff.
Si Yan took the Powerpuff girls joke up a notch and made this dank image. Thanks Si Yan.
For comparison’s sake.

3) PRESENTATION: Final Product Launch Presentation

Rehearsal before the event.
Wei Jin and gang doing their performance. Wei Jin is a legit singer he performed at the Esplanade before. Also, look what is on the screen? ^.^

Ok that’s all for this week. LTF signing off!

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Team members: Ang Wei Jun / Jway Jin Jun / Kevin Tan Kang Rui / Lam Teng Foong / Suen Hung Ying, Sidney / Tay Renjie / Teo Si-yan When humans think and feel, small electric signals zip from neuron to neuron. These signals can be detected in specific regions of the brain through a technique known as electroencephalograph (EEG). Group M, a mixture of aspiring EPD and ISTD students, aims to come up with a product that leverages on EEG technology. The desired outcome is a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) , in which a person can control the output of the device (such as an eletrical wheel chair) through mental thought alone. Stay tuned to our our blog as we share our latest developments as well as other exciting things we will be doing during ALP!


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