Let’s go on an adventure shall we. An adventure 90 days long filled with stupidity, fun, craziness and everlasting memories. Reached Hangzhou, a part of China I have never been to despite a 30-day tour around China I once had with friends in the past. The mysterious ways of the Chinese, how do they live in China, filled with both people and space alike. Straight to the hostel, “Hostel is just a place to live in”. Lucky us two-bedders. I shall say no more. Counting my blessings here.

Trust me, it taste a lot better than it looks.  Simple and hearty meal, $2 SGD, what more can I say. I will taobao it back to SG for you to taste, just say the word.

More comfort food, cheap and delicious.

Just one of the places my rommie and I visited. The both of us are a bit more adventurous than normal I suppose. The picture above is located in the middle of a “botanic garden” which we were walked from north to south over 4 hours of so and climbing up many many many steps, wondering what is at the end of each road. We are crazy I believe. Week 1 was all about visiting Xihu area, to know what we are surrounded by and to slowly adapt to the ways of China. We covered about 70% of Xihu by going out every single day. Exploring is the thing you should be doing when in China, never waste a moment indoor when you could be out. Besides, it can’t get any better than hearing honks from every single matter: cars, electric bikes, bicycles and humans alike.

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Hi, I am Marvin, currently a fresh-no-more entering ESD. TFI was an option to all of us upon application for ALP, 10 was selected among the rest. I believe to fully experience the culture, to understand their lifestyle and to gain something extra out of this trip in China, we have to expose ourselves and be open to learn and see new things. The importance of giving back to society is essential to us, to remind us not to take for granted what we were blessed with.


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