Hindsight, we are dumbos

Lemme begin by saying the food here in China is amazing. All of it is amazing. ALL OF IT.
Im gonna break it down for you. Big School = Big Canteen. Like 3 stories big.
Imagine Fab Lab and all of it is food. That’s just the canteen. There are like 5 different sub-canteens in the mega canteen.
And there’s a restaurant on the top floor TOO??
Im not even done yet

So our student mentors, Stella and Tenzin, were super nice and brought us around some of the malls near school. Like for four consecutive days we were chilling in malls and eating good restaurant quality food. Tip: If you are going to any restaurant, go with a whole bunch of your friends and you can order an insane amount of food and not pay more than 6 SGD. We were at 新白鹿, ordered 18 dishes amongst 13 of us, paid only 26.90 yuan.

Oh yeah its really easy to get lost in the indulgence. Because everything here is much cheaper (food, drinks, stuff), you tend to overspend your budget. Like pretty quickly. Whoopsie doo. We are dumbos.

More on me being a dumbo.
So we only have class like once a week so my friends and I decided to go to 西湖 on Friday. On a rainy day. WAYYYY TO GO.
Then, the next day, which was buddy day where a ZJU student brought us around Zhejiang, guess where we went.
西湖. Again. Classic dumbos.
Nevertheless 西湖 was amazing. Willows trees and moss-covered rocks and pagodas and temples. Even with 2 days of walking we couldn’t cover the entirety of 西湖. China is huge.

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