One years, three term, countless of project, the undeniable insanity.
Time fly when we don’t sleep, it took a blink of eye for a year to pass and here we are, at the verge of sophomore year. Fortunate enough, before getting slapped by another insane year, we are granted with ALP exchange program in 浙江大学(ZJU), an escape trip for a new air.

Worth one year of mugging, at the very first moment, I can sense the essence of spring and its nice chilling weather.

Who need an air-conditioner when you have chilling weather? Just open window and let nature do the job.

Shortly, I arrive at 紫金港(Zijingang) campus and for me it is more like a town rather than a campus. The gigantic campus is like a fine amalgam of nature and modern: huge building, broad highway, embedded in the evergreen river and park.

And food! Food are everywhere, there is one canteen centre with 4 sub canteens and there are multiple convenient shops, bread stores.

Aside the campus food, houjie (Back street) is dedicated for food and just food. The whole street is full of all kind of food, from finger food to full meal food.

But the best part is that no matter it is school food or outside food, the price is negligible compared to that of Singapore food.

These are restaurant grade foods and all you need to pay is SGD 7!

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